Do you have any strategies for keeping your loved one with Alzheimers busy while you're making dinner?

asked May 7, 2015 by maureenkarsen
edited May 7, 2015 by alexkent
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When people feel useful, it's a "positive" distraction for them, and can be helpful for the caregiver.  Some things the loved one w/ dementia can do while you're cooking:

1. Fold laundry at the kitchen table (even if you use clean dish towels that are already folded - dump them into a basket as if they were just laundered.)

2. Find a way to incorporate help in making a non-crucial part of the meal - ex: tearing lettuce for the salad.

3. Have the loved one sit at the kitchen table w/ a family photo album, which is more familiar and may be less distracting than TV or radio programs.

Hope this is helpful!

answered Jun 4, 2015 by janetduni
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