looking to find help for MIL 86 very mild dementia

Looking for someone to assist with showering 1x a week grocery shopping 1x a week and library /post office / bank visit 1 x a week as well ... maybe 7 hour of car a week but broken up ... how can i go about something like this? we  cannot afford more she has medicare part d aarp and has a reverse morgagte  ... aka financially in the pooper at the moment and I just know she needs more help but I take care of m son who has autism full time .. so I am unable to care for her as well ..email me hahaqtsara@aim.com if you have information how this can be accomplished with what insurance she has now and financial issues... We also would be willing to work with a person who would live with us sharing the kitchen bathroom in Ramsey Nj for a lesser rent in trade of help with mom :) 

asked Jun 23, 2016 by hahaqtsara
reshown Jan 26 by alexkent
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